Tuesday, October 21, 2008

more coaster boxes

My mummy box is super cute in person. It just didn't photograph very well. I tore jsut plain typing paper and then tipped the edges in brown chalk ink (love my cat eyes!!) then I randomly glued them around the box. These coasters were not tied together. Just used some really strong glue and the glued 'bandages' to hold it together.

THis one is my fav. the scarecrow hat is actually a textured brown then i added dimension (not that u can see in the pic) using my cat eye chalk

This is the best i could come up with for a snowman box. I cut the ends off two round coaters then trimmed two square coasters to make a box. It's small but it is still a cute teacher gift.

Coaster Boxes

Here's my version of the coaster boxes

This witch has curly hair. I just cut strips of paper and then curled them around a pen. Pretty cute huh??

The turkey turned out pretty cute. I tried to give it deminsion by using my brown chalk ink around the edges.

Altered Bubbles

Here are some cheapo bubbles from the dollar store. Ripped the label off and stuck a Halloween themed label on them. I stamped the pumpkin face on them and then embossed with orange embossing powder. I think these could have looked much cuter but i was in a hurry and it was 1:30 in the morning!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scrapbooking Convention Classes/Products

Look at all the fun goodies I bought!! I'm so motivated to finish my scrapbooks (haven't scrapped in a LONG time!!)

Here's more goodies!

Here's a pic of my Christmas Acrylic album. I have never worked with acrylic before it makes for a really fun see thru scrapbook. So here it is disassembled. I just need to finish up with embellishments and pictures. Pretty sure this one will be used as a Christmas gift for Gma!

This is the Memories Accordian Album. It is a chipboard album that is held in the handy dandy chipboard cover. This class was given by Rusty Pickle (great products) they gave away so much extra supplies!!

Here's the album all stretched out--Just need to embellish and add photos to both sides. Not sure what theme I'm going to use this album for--but I love the colors.

Scrapbooking Convention

Mom, Sandi, and I left on this Thursday to go to a Convention in Kansas City. We had a GREAT TIME!! I recommend to everyone try to make it to one of these events. We went to the Creating Keepsakes Convention. I'm pretty sure it will be an annual event for us. I shopped the vendors most of Friday and took one class then Saturday I took classes all day! I came home with 5 mini albums that all I have to do it put pictures in!! Mom embrodered these shirts for us. WE received compliments all day!! I of course was a complete idiot and got ink on mine so later in the day people were making fun of me (the shirts said I'm feeling Scrappy! people kept commenting you look like you're feeling inky!--lame I know!!)

Sandi was soooo excited she was able to take a class given by Allison. She got to talk one on one with her and took a pic with her (check out sandi's blog to see it)

Okay, we had to take a pic of this car. Is that not the cutest thing!! We all make fun of mom and her tiny car! Well, its funny to us anyway!!

Here are some sample class projects. There were tons of classes to choose from Mom absolutely loved the Quick Quotes classes so here's their sample board.

Sandi and I took a class together (believe it or not we were not the rowdy ones!!) So I was taking some random pics of her.

Random Stamping!

Here is a coaster box. I'm in the process of making serveral more to give as Halloween gifts. They are just chipboard coasters covered in paper and the face is made of punched paper. Virtually no stamping involved--super simple, super quick!

This is a SU rubon used on a glass candle holder. I made several of these for gifts at Jen's baby shower.

The shower we threw for Jen and her baby girl was jungle themed so I made this adorable nugget holders (found the idea on SCS) I pretty much just winged it and didn't have a pattern. I loved the elephant!! I tried to make giraffes but the looked like crap--so needless to say I didn't use them!!

These are the monkeys. They hold little Hereshy nugget candy bars. I scattered them along the tables as favors/decoration. Everyone loved them!

Here are the cupcake picks in use!! I thought they were a great accent to the cake!!