Sunday, October 12, 2008

Random Stamping!

Here is a coaster box. I'm in the process of making serveral more to give as Halloween gifts. They are just chipboard coasters covered in paper and the face is made of punched paper. Virtually no stamping involved--super simple, super quick!

This is a SU rubon used on a glass candle holder. I made several of these for gifts at Jen's baby shower.

The shower we threw for Jen and her baby girl was jungle themed so I made this adorable nugget holders (found the idea on SCS) I pretty much just winged it and didn't have a pattern. I loved the elephant!! I tried to make giraffes but the looked like crap--so needless to say I didn't use them!!

These are the monkeys. They hold little Hereshy nugget candy bars. I scattered them along the tables as favors/decoration. Everyone loved them!

Here are the cupcake picks in use!! I thought they were a great accent to the cake!!

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