Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Fun

Okay for my first attempt at this blog I am posting the flip flop album I made for my dd's swim instructor. I left the pages blank so she could add her own pics in (didn't figure she would want an album full of my adorable daughter) She was thrilled with it. So were the other mom's at swim lessons! I only photographed a couple of the pages.
This was really simple to put together. Got some cheapy flip flops ($1) took the toe piece off both. Next I stamped some beach themed images from Stampin' Up! and glued them (E6000) onto the inside cover and back of the shoe. Then I traced the flip flop onto cardstock and cut them out. I punched holes in all the card stock and then used one as my pattern to place the holes in the shoes. I used a paper piercer (ice pick look-a-like) and eventually got holes big enough in the shoes. Lastly I decorate the pages (Very simple considering I didn't have pics to work with.) Then I used black cording to put it all together. I decided ribbon was too thick and cumbersome. This worked for me!! I added rub-ons to the front of the shoe (oops forgot to tell u to put the toe part back on the top of shoe!) I used a shoe that had glittery toe thingy so I didn't decorate it. I made one for my SIL that I tied little piece of ribbon all around the toe part. ENJOY!

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