Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stamp Club

This was the first project of the night. The 2-5-7-10 boxes. These are sooo simple and yet so cute. Everyone kinda did their own theme. Diane even used the one piece cut off to make a gift tag to hang on the bag--I hadn't even thought of that!! That's what I love most about our club-I give directions and everyone adds their own unique twist and we each learn from each other! For instance the purple one created by Dawn she detoured from the directions and curved the flap for the bag--turned out adorable, Jay decided not to close hers with a ribbon and made a button enclosure instead! There were some boxes not posted (some weren't finished yet) Mom chose to do a Halloween themed and Norma went with a patriotic them.
For the tutorial for the 2-5-7-10 boxes go to where else??. . . . click on resources in the top right corner!

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