Thursday, December 4, 2008

New hobby!

I've found a new distraction in my life. I have spend a lot of time making hair bows. Can u guess what all the girls in my family are getting for Christmas!! Here are some that I've made to sell at either the craftshow I'm doing this weekend or at my lil sis' hair salon. I've got several holiday bows and then regular bows. It's been fun. I never knew I had so much ribbon. And know Izzy loves to have her hair done!!! Finally after 4 years I can put her hair in clips or even ponies and she's not screaming and ripping them out!! Yippee! I'll start posting my Christmas projects soon!!! Life has been crazy!!

1 Whatcha think???:

Laurie said...

I wanted to give you a heads up that you were nominated for best submitted tip for your Paint Card embelishments from Tip Junkie. My readers are currently voting for their favorite and if you win, you’ll receive a fun prize.

Thank you so much for the inspiration!